Monday, March 25, 2013

Floral Blues

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Tank: Old Navy | Cardi: POL | Skirt: Handmade by me | Flats: Fluevog Amie (Integrity family)

This blog is loooong overdue for an outfit post. I haven't posted an outfit since early February! I think I fell into a rut during winter, where my daily uniform consisted of jeans, a top, a cardigan or jacket, socks, and sometimes nice shoes. Nothing worth documenting. But now it's really spring here, and over the weekend we decided to make another trip to L.A. to see my mom and to visit the Fluevog store once again (more on my visit in a later post).

I went tonal for this outfit. I picked out the skirt first since I wanted to wear something other than jeans when I tried on shoes, and this skirt looked very spring-y! I hadn't worn it since the summer/autumn I first made it, in 2011 (whoa). It was the first garment I made using a pattern, and the first time I made pleats and sewed on a zipper. I loved the way it turned out, but the only problem was that it was too loose on me. Well, I've gained a few pounds since then -- specifically since the holidays late last year when I fell into poor eating habits that I'm currently trying to conquer -- so it fit just fine over the weekend. (However much I like this skirt, I'm still planning to lose some of this gut over the summer once swimming season starts! Occasional running and dancing are in the stars, too. And I have to be more strict with the rice and sweets, especially root beer. Sigh. Sugar should be labeled with an addictive warning, no doubt about it.)

I wore the cardigan closed the rest of the day because the tank top showed too much bra strap. I don't think it's as attractive closed, except that the topstitching on the cardigan has a cool sailor-vibe that's accentuated when the buttons are closed up. Overall, I liked this outfit and had fun in it. The skirt sure looks great with lots of different Fluevogs! I'll post more on that later. :-)

xo, Gladys


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