Tuesday, October 18, 2011

30 for 30 Items and Rules: Fall 2011

{Edited my items 10/21 to account for the fact that I am the mother of a toddler (kinda forgot for a while there) and therefore need more casual, neutral pieces that I can comfortably wear to simple errands and that will allow me to bend over, lift 30+ lbs. of child quickly, and run like the wind if necessary.}

Here are my 30 items (embedded via Polyvore):
5 Tops

5 Tops by gladysn featuring dolman tops

2 Bottoms, 1 Romper

2 Skirts

2 Skirts by gladysn featuring a floral skirt

6 Dresses

6 Cardigans/Sweater

8 Shoes/Boots

To recap:

5 tops
2 bottoms
1 romper
2 skirts
6 dresses
5 cardigans
1 sweater
4 pairs of shoes
4 pairs of boots

Looking at my picks, I can definitely see that I'm a dress and shoe person. The dresses and the shoes were the most difficult to narrow down. I also notice that I am seriously lacking in the bottoms department, but hey, I'll just have to remix what I've got.

The item I'm most apprehensive about is the 1970s-style romper; while it is very comfy, I haven't been able to imagine wearing it outside the house. I decided to include it here to challenge myself. I might end up wearing it only once, or I might end up loving it. We'll see.

Also, purple, purple everywhere!

So here are the rules (guidelines, really) I've decided on:
  1. I can't shop for another item of clothing or another pair of shoes until all 30 outfits are done -- unless it's a super-special case like getting a bridesmaid dress (not gonna happen anytime soon, I'm sure).
  2. Camisoles, tank tops, and accessories like belts, jewelry, socks, tights, and leggings don't count in the 30 items. (Since the weather is getting cooler, I'll need to be able to layer if necessary.)
  3. If necessary, I will allow myself to interchange three pairs of jeans and count them as one item. It might technically be cheating, but honestly all my jeans look alike anyway. And would you really want me to wear dirty jeans if I don't get to the laundry in good time (which is a definite possibility)?
  4. This challenge is FOR FUN. If it starts getting too chore-like, then I give myself permission to take days off from the challenge and wear something else fun in my closet. But see Guideline #1.
  5. The challenge begins this week.
I'm starting to get excited about this challenge. And, imagine that, going through my closet really did feel like shopping (same pleasure centers activated in the brain, I'm thinking). I hope I don't feel horribly boxed in by my choices later on, but I do love many of these items and am looking forward to wearing them out. If it starts becoming un-fun, then, as per Guideline #4, I will just throw on a different outfit until I'm ready to go back to the challenge.

Now I'm off to Polyvore to put together some possible remixes with my 30 items.

xo, Gladys


  1. i've been thinking about doing a 30 for 30 challenge for a while now myself but what stops me is i'm lazy and i like wearing the same outfit a lot. which i guess would work for the 30/30 challenge. good luck!

  2. lol, clementine! and thanks! if you ever want to join me on this, let me know. i suppose you could just put multiple versions of your fave items in your set. ;-)


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