Sunday, October 30, 2011

9 of 30: Fluevog Love

Today I made a special trek to L.A. to meet up with Shirley, the lovely lady who introduced Fluevog shoes to the person who introduced Fluevogs to me. She drove down from the Bay Area this weekend for a birthday treat -- she's a Halloween baby! -- and was kind enough to make time to see me during her quick trip. Of course, the setting had to be the Fluevog store on Melrose Avenue! Shawn, my favorite Fluevog specialist a.k.a. "dealer," was there, as well as the awesome Kate. I hadn't been to the store since the amazing new fall 2011 styles came in, so it was time to try some on for size.

I didn't get a chance to take good photos of my 30 for 30 outfit with the DSLR, which means that you just get some blurry iPhone photos of the tunic and jeans, but the purple boots that I wore will be featured in tomorrow's Halloween post. :-) Without further ado, here are the awesome shoes I tried on.

Delicate and sassy: Pearl Hart mary janes in black (Bellevue family)
So dangerous because they're finally making them in my size!

Having a (Bellevue) ball: Pearl Hart on one foot and Libby Smith boots with red spats on the other
Such a beautiful heel on this family

Cowgirl time: Monday boots in black (Another Day family)
Very comfy! Yee-haw!

Stompy suede: Halt ankle boots in black (Stop It family)
These have fabulous zigzag fabric-covered buttons, but sadly even the smallest size of this family is too large for my feet

Super hot: Jolie ankle boots in black (Attention family)
These are named after Angelina, and OMG the profile of these 4-inch heels is spectacular -- this photo doesn't do it justice

Fun(ky) stripes: Splendid ankle boots in stripe (Perfect family)
I LOVE these -- sturdy solid-rubber heel for comfortable walking and carefully hand-crafted leather for a perfect match between the left and right shoe! Amazing!

Another view of the Splendids -- perfectly-matched stripes, see?

Gorgeous slouch: Volunteer boots in burnt orange (Prepare family)
These boots from my I Want list (on the right) are even more amazing in person

Jaw-dropping scarlet: Lourdes boots in red suede (Miracle family)
This particular color is actually from last year's line -- still amazing to look at, and still not in my price range, unfortunately! Shirley really wanted me to get them, but can you blame her? :-)

Fancy shoes: Cana pumps in black suede (Miracle family)
Also from last year's line and on clearance...I'm in the market for some really fancy pumps like these, but the fit for my feet isn't perfect -- they run narrow while my feet are wide, so my feet look a little bit like they're getting stuffed into the shoe :-(

Sophisticated flats: Huallaga ankle boots in black and brown (River family)
Another shoe from last year's line and on clearance -- I actually love these as they're really comfortable BUT they're still too expensive, darn it! Maybe I can get them for Xmas...?

Another view of the Huallagas

Fluevog flower wheel with (clockwise from left) Shirl, Kate, Shawn, and yours truly

One last (candid) photo of Shirl with the hot new Fluevogs she bought for herself as a birthday treat: Certitude ankle boots in red (Faith family). HAPPY HALLOWEEN BIRTHDAY, SHIRL!

xo, Gladys


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