Monday, October 10, 2011

Dressing for Tim Burton

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) currently has a special exhibit of Tim Burton art and film. If you've ever watched A Nightmare before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, The Corpse Bride, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, the recent remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or the recent remake of Alice in Wonderland, then you know how distinctive his artistic style is. Despite the museum's attempt to limit and stagger how many museum-goers could enter the exhibit, it was still packed and at times it was a lot like sitting in traffic during rush hour. There were four of us adults with three rambunctious kids, so it was a little difficult to go through the exhibit while keeping an eagle eye on the kids, but I was lucky since my son was strapped to his stroller almost the whole way without much complaining (thanks, little guy!).

If you're in the area and enjoy Tim Burton films, the exhibit is totally worth it (but perhaps try NOT to go on a weekend). You'll get to see what a strange and incredibly talented person he is, ever since he was a kid. There are a lot of handwritten notes over the many years of his artistic career. I particularly loved the note he wrote (all in cursive!) to Johnny Depp during the filming of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, about the scene where Willy Wonka (Depp) tells the kids that everything in a particular room is edible, including himself, "though that would be cannibalism." Hahahaha! There are also lots of drawings and crafts that border on disturbingly dark humor, and a couple of images that really are too scary for kids (e.g. a blue baby with nails sticking out of it, ugh). Just fair warning.

So this is what I wore:

Dress: Monteau via Amazon; Tights: Foot Traffic via Sockdreams; Mary Janes: Fluevog Malibran (Operetta family); Cage necklace: ModCloth

I got this dress just a couple of days ago, actually. When he saw it, my hubby said it would be perfect for our Tim Burton outing, and I had to agree. The jailbird stripes, the colors, everything just seemed to match the Burton style. My favorite part is actually the back as I love low-cut scoop backs. I do believe they are flattering on me. I wasn't sure at first what color tights to wear, but then I saw the small splotches of olive in the lowest stripe of the dress. I think it worked, don't you?

So these photos are with my dear friend M (dynamo stylist of our Fall Fashion Shoot) at the entrance of the museum. I'm wearing an olive bolero cardigan from Old Navy to top off the outfit. She is wearing an awesome dress from ModCloth called Charmed to Meet You in Pleased; I have the same dress in a different pattern called Delight (see how I styled it here). Here are detail photos of M's outfit, since I loved it so much.

xo, Gladys


  1. that outfit is so cute!! i love the color blocking on the skirt, the bow on the back and the stripes. and then the pattern on the bottom kind of gives an unexpected pop to it.

    i first saw your blog cuz in your picture it looks like youre wearing a dress like one i have, then i saw you were in the desert in socal, but then you said you lived around hills which made me think maybe you didnt live in "aye vee" (for code) but i guess you do! thats pretty cool :)

  2. thank you! "color blocking" -- extra thanks for the correct term. i wasn't quite sure what was going on with the skirt. ;-)

    ok, confirmed, that's the code we use for it, too. i agree, pretty cool! maybe i'll take photos by landmarks sometime.


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