Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Floral and Lace

Top: Audrey 3+1 via ModCloth; Cardi and jeans: GAP; Oxfords: Fluevog CBC (Radio family); Bracelet: thrifted in Poland (ca. 1995)

This top was another great sale item from ModCloth. It feels (and looks) like a pajama top! I love the small floral print and the lace trim. It also has a great boxy shape that is surprisingly shorter in the front. I added the cardigan to make it autumn-like, but the weather here has reverted to summertime temperatures. However, wearing the cardigan was fine in the morning. (Also, I apologize for the darkness of the photos. We took them a little later in the day than I wanted. Sunset is certainly arriving earlier and earlier!)

I wanted to give some love to the shoes. Here are a couple of closeups of the awesome green laces and the gorgeous shape. These are ridiculously comfortable. The rim (is that the word for it?) on the right side of the right shoe rubs up against the bottom of my ankle bone, but that's the only breaking in that the shoes need. Are they not gorgeous? I love the bone color.

Not sure what I was doing here, but I thought it was a fun(ny) pic.

xo, Gladys


  1. i love the cut of your floral top! it's so cute :) your oxfords are SO AMAZING!!

  2. wow, the demure muse -- i've been following your blog for a while! anyway, thanks so much! and i do LOVE LOVE LOVE fluevogs. ((go canada! :-))


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