Friday, September 14, 2012

New Shoes: Fluevog Minis

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might remember that I was drooling over these Fluevog shoes almost exactly three months ago, the Qtee from the Mini family:

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Yes, as is obvious from the title of the post, I did in fact buy them. I was able to put them on layaway at the Union Square store via phone, and four payments later, they were shipped to me this week. And you know what? They're even more beautiful in person. Witness:

My biggest worry was that they wouldn't fit, even though I was pretty sure that I'm a size 5 in the Mini family. (If you're wondering about sizing the Minis, they run about half a size large ... I'm a true size US 5.5.) If they didn't fit, I would have simply (sadly) returned them. But they feel wonderful on my feet! ... the only problem is that the ankle straps need some extra holes punched since they're too loose. However, I already checked with the L.A. store and they said they'd be happy to take care of it. Yay for awesome customer service!

The fact that Fluevog is now making Minis in size 5s (the smallest used to be 6 for the longest time) is a little scary for my wallet. I mean, seriously, check out the heels on these beauties. They're curvy and sassy and self-confident. I need all those things in my life. :-) Plus, the colors on these are PERFECT for fall.

This is the first time I've bought Fluevogs via layaway. I must admit, the prolonged anticipation and the fact that my wallet didn't get dinged all at once made buying the shoes a more pleasurable process than usual. They've been gently replaced in their box with all the original tissue stuffed and folded carefully. I'll take them out again when I go to the L.A. store for the straps. Then I'll find the perfect event to wear them to ... should be fun!

xo, Gladys


  1. A little tip in case you don't wanna wait for the extra holes.... Cross the straps so that they make an "X" pattern as opposed to wearing them straight across. It gives the shoes a totally cute look and you may be able to wear them out before visiting the LA store:)

    1. i actually tried that since you had told me about it before regarding your own qtees, but alas, they're still too loose. i think they miscalculated a bit on the holes for the size 5. my ankles aren't particularly narrow. they're reasonably proportional to the length of my feet. just a couple more holes in the straps and i would have been good.

  2. Love to find another Fluevog lover! These are truly gorgeous! I am always putting my Fluevogs on layaway! That is the best way for me to space the payments! LOL! I actually have 6 pairs on layaway now! :)


    1. hi rebecca, thanks for leaving a comment! i checked out your portfolio and recognized some of the shots from the fluevog blog -- you were a vogunteer! i LOVE your wonderful, colorful fluevog collection and the outfits that you put together with the shoes. :-)

      yes, i think i'm going to go with the layaway option from now on. i'm jealous that you have 6 pairs ready and waiting to come home with you.


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