Friday, September 28, 2012

Star Wars Tee

I've been having some trouble getting my act together this week after the excitement of last weekend when my twin nephews were born (!). I barely got anything on my to-do lists done while we were waiting for news at the hospital, and then this past week the kiddo has been acting more needy and childish -- most likely a reaction to my oohing and aahing over the new babies -- so I simply haven't had the energy to do more than the bare minimum of chores. I didn't even get to sew my 3-year-old nephew's birthday present, which I'd planned to finish and mail by Monday or Tuesday. (Fun fact: I now have three nephews with birthdays within three days of each other.)

So yesterday, I chose to wear something slightly out of the ordinary to kick-start my day. For one thing, I wore a skirt on a weekday (it's usually shorts or jeans). For another, I wore this shirt:

Dress: Star Wars via Zulily | Skirt: Old Navy | Flats: Blowfish via Amazon

It's such a great shirt and would be perfect if it included Princess Leia (a terrible oversight, I know!). Anyway, it's a pretty simple outfit, but it made me smile. :-) We love Star Wars in this house in case you hadn't noticed. Along with a couple of long-sleeved Star Wars shirts for the kiddo, I bought this shirt via the discount program Zulily (similar to Gilt but targeted to moms). It's actually a child's XL size, so the neck is a little narrow, but it was fun to wear even though hardly anyone outside my family saw it except for, briefly, the teachers and other parents and children at the kiddo's school. I was in there just long enough to sign my name in and out; there's usually no dawdling.

As for the rest of the day, I managed to get my eyebrows waxed, then fold three loads of laundry while watching the Netflix movie I'd been putting off for the past month.* But way more fun than that, for breakfast I made some blueberry waffles with the waffle iron that my mom gave us a couple of weeks ago (she also gave us a panini press that I love -- I'll talk more about these two appliances another time). I'd never made waffles before and it turned out to be quite easy, which was a welcome surprise. And the kiddo loved the waffles. I'll be making more and freezing them for my brother and his wife to help them out these first few weeks of taking care of twin babies. I can definitely recommend the Cuisinart brand Classic Waffle Maker if you're in the market to buy one.

xo, Gladys

* In case you were interested, the film I saw was Shame with Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan, rated NC-17; don't worry, I watched it while the kiddo was in school. There are lots of scenes that are basically porn except there's no "money shot" and it's really sad and sometimes tragic. So yeah, definitely not porn. It wasn't very pleasant to watch, but it did make me more empathetic to those suffering with sexual addiction. The director and writers did a pretty amazing job toeing the line between gratuitous porny sex scenes and telling a sad and difficult story about a man who (it's implied) has had a horrible, probably-abusive childhood and who is painfully lonely (even if he looks like Michael Fassbender!).


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