Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blue Roses

Dress: Tulle Los Angeles via ModCloth | Belt: taken from Calvin Klein for DressBarn dress | Sandals: Salt Water sandals via ModCloth | Robot necklace: ModCloth | Bracelets: Warsaw, Poland in 1995
(Green and yellow plastic bracelets were issued by the Aulani resort.)

My kiddo insisted on being in the photos too and then didn't want to smile. Silly guy.

I wore this outfit when visiting with a longtime family friend (my older sister's best friend) who moved to Hawai'i for college many years ago and decided to stay and settle down. She has four kids now and lives in a North Shore town. It was a beautiful evening of delicious pizza and fun company on the beach. We watched hardcore surfers out in the water until the sun went down.

I love this dress and have worn it several times since I bought it over a year ago. It's 100% cotton, which was great for the warm weather, and I like the shape especially with a belt. The pink and purple roses are great, but it's the blue roses that make me happy. It also has not just two, but FOUR pockets -- two hidden ones and two outer ones. What a bounty!

Anyway, my friend's kids are amazing. The oldest one, a 13-year-old boy whom I remember babysitting when he was only one year old, is in the robotics team at his school and going to competitions for it. So I decided to wear my silly robot necklace.

My kiddo loved hanging out with the youngest boy, who is only a year older, but I enjoyed the middle two young ladies as well. They are funny and sweet. The one in pink LOVES little kids and has just the right touch with them. The kiddo made a silly sand castle with her while the adults ate pizza and had a great time talking. We stayed there until sundown, and my own little family was sorry to leave them.

xo, Gladys


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