Monday, October 1, 2012

Fluevog Love: Fall Collection on Melrose

My friend M and I went back to visit Fluevog so that she could pick up her new shoes on layaway and I could get new holes punched in the ankle straps of my new Qtees. Of course, we couldn't leave without trying on the shoes that we missed last time. Luckily, plenty of new styles in the fall line arrived at the store during the month-and-a-half since we last visited. Many thanks to the awesome Kate for helping us out!

(Click on the photos to see the shoes on the Fluevog website.)

Remember how we loved the black-on-black Sharanpal maryjanes in the Miracle family? Check out this new style in SILVER and GOLD. Wow. Just wow.

Here's a better view of the heel on the silver Sharanpal. I think it's incredible how the design continues on the heel. (Not sure what I was doing with my finger there.)

And sorry, here's another shot of the Sharanpal, but actually I'm sharing because the photo also shows me wearing my Qtees, all fixed by Kate! I love my new Qtees and I can't wait to wear them out soon!

M tried on these boots and they looked so great that I tried them on too. Our verdict: comfy and beautiful. The soft, scrunchy green leather is fantastic. This new family (I tried on another style besides the Kanawa) is one of my favorites in this fall collection, and the calf-high length is actually something that I'd love to have more of in my closet. I already have a green calf-high boot, however (the Operetta: Mirella in olive), so I'll have to pass on these particular boots. The black colorway is also lovely, though not quite as fun.

This is another boot that M tried on. I love that the leather looks like my purple Radio: PRI knee-high boots, but I have to say that the Luna is a lot sexier given the curvy shape and 2-inch heels. This is one of the more generous boots for larger calves, although she said she had trouble getting her foot in the shoe. We thought it looked a lot sleeker without the removable harness (not pictured).

This dark-chocolate color in the Nico doesn't seem to be available online yet. And I believe that these are one of the new smaller sizes, either 5 or 5.5. I've always admired this family but was never able to fit in the shoes properly. I'm hoping that the Benatar maryjanes also come in the smaller sizes soon!

Kate made me try on these crazy-fun platforms. I have to confess that I'm starting to get drawn by animal print, but these are a little too much! They're surprisingly comfortable though. The pitch is not very steep at all because the front platform is quite substantial. When I walked around the store, it didn't feel like I was wearing much of a heel at all.

There were other styles that I tried on and liked but didn't get a photo of:

  • Big Presence: Davis loafer heels in black and cheetah - If I want to get cheetah print in my shoes, I'd buy these instead of the Arc platforms. These are very classy AND they're named after activist and academic Angela Davis. These run less than half a size large, so I could pad the size 6 with an insole to make them more wearable. Very lovely shoes.
  • Encourage: Kathryn boot in green, yellow, and burgundy - lovely combination of colors and it zipped up beautifully over my calves. I had some toe room in the size 6, which means it runs true to size. For a boot, however, the extra room is a good idea in case one wants to wear thick socks inside.
  • Hopeful: Luxon maryjane in black - I see this as a more casual, perhaps even more comfortable version of the very-popular Operetta maryjanes, Malibran and Illeana. However, my relatively-flat arch/insole makes it so that there's a weird bunch on one of the elastic bands, on both shoes so it's not just a case of one shoe being defective. But apparently this can be fixed by their cobbler (for free, I believe). Given that the size 6 fits me, this style (and family) seems to run half a size small.
  • Hope: Promise oxford in black (the link is for the purple colorway since the black isn't available online yet) - Some styles in the Hope family now come in smaller sizes as well! The family generally runs true to size, so I am a 5.5 in this shoe.
  • Wearever: Gracias in black - This is another older family that now comes in smaller sizes in some of the styles. It still runs a half-size large, however, so I would wear a 5 in these (just as in the Bellevue and Operetta families).
xo, Gladys



    The Sharanpals are GORGEOUS! I could look at them all day. Alas, I don't really have a reason to wear gold and silver. Plus, I still love my Meeras. The Hopefuls are adorable. I can't wait to see how that family develops. I'm diggin' the Rosy in the funky blue:)

    I learned the hard way that the Adrianas are a bit too narrow on my feet. While I love my Nunis, it took a lot of stretching to get it where I need it to be. Should I invest in this family again, I'm gonna have to size up.

    I have nothing bad to say about the Together-His. The Benatars are my go-to shoe and every woman needs to own a pair.

    I feel you on the animal print. It's been growing on me, but I need time to figure out if it really is me. Oh how I miss le dealers....

    1. i know how you feel about the sharanpals! they're one of those work-of-art pieces that i could put up in my house so that everyone could ooh and aah. looking at the photos makes my heart beat a little faster. ;-)

      i didn't try the rosy, but i loved how they looked on you. for some reason i didn't try them on when i had the chance. the electric blue is fantastic. i actually wish the blue desmonds fit me since i'd love that blue in a pump style, but alas, too large.

      good advice on the adrianas. again, i didn't try them on. i'll be the first to admit that i failed in putting together a game plan before visiting the store on melrose. it was a strangely busy week prior to the visit (had to do a lot of emotional labor for the kiddo).

      and i'll leave it to you, D, or Shirl to start the Fluevog IV on animal print, hee hee.

      btw, i've been craving a more casual shoe lately, and i wish fluevog would come out with more than just the amie ballet slipper. i need something beautiful but sturdy, comfortable, and everyday-wearable. if any shoe company can do it, i know fluevog can!


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