Friday, October 26, 2012

The Last of Paradise

This is the last of the Hawai'i pix to be posted here. There are other things I want to move on to now, with Halloween coming up soon. I worked on a fun little project for the kiddo that I want to share soon. That and my Halloween dress. :-)

But these photos make me smile. Some good memories!

At the Polynesian Cultural Center (trying out Tahitian dancing in the bottom left)
Dress: A. Byer via Amazon | Belt: taken from Calvin Klein for DressBarn dress | Sandals (not shown): Salt Water sandals via ModCloth | Brontosaurus necklace: ModCloth | Purse: ModCloth
Family portrait, wearing our awesome souvenir shirts from the Aulani gift shop and showing off all of the wrist bands from the resort that the kiddo accumulated
Top: Disney Aulani by Crazy Shirts | Capris: Sonoma via Kohl's | Sandals : Salt Water sandals via ModCloth

Luau food at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Taken from the bay

Another view of the resort

Underwater in the kids' zero-entry pool

One of the perks of the resort was the free childcare (for potty-trained children), and their facility was AWESOME -- costumes in all sizes, a computer room, a TV room, a fun outdoor playground, and tables with huge built-in touch screens with games (my son's favorite)

I love that the Target we went to had an Asian section!

Dramatic sea spray in the background! :-)

Kayaking (canoeing?)

(Last two photos courtesy of my husband's brother)

xo, Gladys


  1. Confession: while I try to avoid Hawaii's tourist traps, I do kinda like going to the Polynesian Cultural Center. The "villages" kinda creep me out, but I like the show and the luau (but I can do without the half naked college students serving the kalua pig). My favorite carver sells his necklaces at the PCC. He does amazing work! Ah, the double edged sword of going to Hawai`i!

    1. yeah, i agree about the double-edged sword. this was my first time going to the PCC despite having stayed at Oahu for weeks at a time during college and grad school. i definitely try to avoid tourist traps as well but the in-laws bought the tix for us, including a guided tour. there are some amazingly-talented people there. the "show" was like a fantastic PCN done in less than four hours (lol). there wasn't any kalua pig at the luau, just a show, so i was spared that!


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