Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sewing: Reversible Apron

I made another reversible apron from Lotta Jansdotter's pattern for my friend MC's upcoming birthday. I like how this one turned out as well. (My first attempt was for Joanne's cupcake apron.) This time, though, after cutting out the major pieces, I ended up with smaller scraps of leftover fabric so that 1) instead of making the red side of each strap out of one long piece, I had to sew together two pieces to make each red side of the straps, and 2) I had to make considerably-smaller pockets than the ones I made for Joanne. It must have been the way they were cut at the store; the red fabric in particular seemed smaller than one yard. The pockets turned out ok, though, but they're not as functional as the deep ones I made for J.

I admit I was kind of surprised to find this print fabric at Jo-Ann's. I liked it so much that I splurged and bought an extra yard (good thing I had a coupon for it). I'm excited to figure out what to do with that yard. Maybe a tote purse for myself?

I think the two separate pockets are really cute, especially with the print fabric. (Too bad this wasn't my best straight stitching.)

Process note:

As I mentioned in the cupcake apron post, the pleats were a bother because the pattern was confusing. How do you get two pleats from three folds/notches? You can't. Well, I almost edited the pattern by narrowing the shoulder and forgoing the pleats. But I decided to try something else instead: I added an extra notch on the pattern to make four, and you know what? It turned out perfectly. This makes me think it was just an accidental error of omission on the pattern.

xo, Gladys


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