Monday, October 8, 2012

Ladies' Night with Fluevog Qtees

Over the weekend, I got to dress up and test drive my new Fluevogs for an evening out with some girlfriends. The shoes stayed comfortable for the whole 5 hours, half of which I spent standing! I love this simple outfit and will definitely wear it out again (I got lots of compliments for it as well).

The dress deserves some special love here, too ... I love the 1950s-vintage shape with the nipped waist, full skirt, and shoulder rosettes. I'm also a fan of shirt dresses, plus it has pockets at the waist! It provided the perfect backdrop for the beautiful shoes.

(Sorry the lighting is a little wonky but the house photos were taken indoors with artificial lighting and no flash, and I subsequently edited the photos to get most of the yellow light out.)

Dress: A. Byer via Amazon | Belt: ASOS | Shoes: Fluevog Qtees (Mini family)

The only thing I didn't like 100% was my hairstyle, but I wanted to experiment after I saw this tutorial for a Simple Gibson Tuck (via Made by Rae who has some ridiculously-beautiful hair). Looking at the photo below, I feel like I should have pinned up the stray strands that were too short to stay in my loose ponytail. I also wish my shapeless bangs had been pulled back or swept to the side. They're a hot mess right now. Oh well, I still had a good time. :-)

xo, Gladys


  1. I love this outfit! Yes, the Qtees are gorgeous on you. Though it's tough on the wallet, I do hope they come out with more in your size. They're definitely my favorite family!

    1. one of my friends couldn't stop staring at my qtees ... i think she's almost ready for her first trip to the melrose store. you're right - despite the expense, minis are worth it! i wish the dollface would come back, and in my size. :-)


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