Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fifties-Inspired Fluevogs

Check these off my "What to Wear this Summer" list! These fun Fluevog saddle shoes, included in the previous post on unworn-to-be-worn shoes, actually saw some action last Saturday at a family party in Long Beach. It might seem like I cheated, but since I wrote the previous post (and just scheduled it to be published later) before wearing these out, I say it still counts! :-)

Gingham stretch button-down: New York & Co. | Capri jeans: Sonoma via Kohl's | Socks: Gold Toe (girls) via Target | Shoes: Fluevog Danielson (Frontiers family) (black/white still available and on SALE)

(Hmm, I think next time I wear this outfit, I'll skip the socks.) I wanted to wear the shoes with a 1950s vibe, so I wore the shirt even though it was a little too warm for the summer weather. I also wish my pants had been high-waisted instead, but at least I have a sewing pattern to make my own high-waisted denim capris (that hopefully fit better and end at the right length down my legs to avoid making them look shorter than they are). In fact, my outfit choice was inspired by this pic from the Butterick pattern I purchased earlier this year:

(I'd love to have legs that long!) This Butterick outfit would be perfect to make for the summer since the fabrics used are thinner than what's in my closet right now. But honestly I was just excited to wear the Fluevog shoes. Wondering now what to wear them with next.... If only I had a poodle skirt! But rolled-up jeans and thin oxford shirt would work, too. Or a fun red shirt and khaki shorts. I'd like to take these out dancing sometime. ;-)

xo, Gladys

P.S. The number 50 is coincidentally significant today. This is my 250th post on this blog! Can you believe it? I can't. Whoa.


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