Saturday, June 22, 2013

Seattle Vacation, Part 2

While in Seattle, we visited Salish Lodge for brunch. Such a beautiful place, built next to Snoqualmie Falls. The visit was a repeat of the last time we had our family vacation in the Northwest, almost five years ago when my kiddo was only months old. Here I am, holding another infant in my arms.

Rocking my godson C to sleep (it worked!)
Outfit details -- Dress: Patagonia sun shelter dress | Shoes: Fluevog Promise (Hope family) via Amazon (on sale)

Waiting for our meals, sipping wonderful hot chocolate

My older sister and her family minus her preschooler son

My brother and his family

Snoqualmie Falls

My younger sister bonding with my kiddo/her nephew over her iPhone

Celebrating the baby's baptism

xo, Gladys


  1. Great family photos! It looks like you had a wonderful vacation in Seattle. It's so nice to get away every so often to spend time with the family. Thanks for sharing!


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