Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What to Wear this Summer: Shoes Edition

It's not just clothes that languish unworn in my closet; it's shoes as well. I've been known to buy beautiful Fluevogs and never wear them, or wear them only once.

(Don't worry -- I've since sold most of my unworn Vogs on the FlueMarket. The shoes simply didn't fit me as well as I wanted, and I knew they needed to go to someone who could love them and wear them as they deserved. I'm glad they found good homes.)

I have a couple of non-Fluevogs that need some love as well. This summer, I plan to wear all of these out at least once, and hopefully more often to break them in properly. I'd love to match them up with some of the unworn clothes from the last post.

Cat heels via ModCloth. Of course I couldn't pass these up when they went on sale, especially when the color scheme matches my real-life cat's. I wish they were comfy enough to dance in, but they'll need to be broken in properly first. Aren't they adorable?

I bought these also on sale from ModCloth when I thought I needed huge platform espadrilles last summer. It turns out no, I didn't need them, and they're a little tall for me. But at least the straps are soft and I won't have to worry about ruining them if I take them to the beach or something.

Fluevog Wearever: Hvala. I bought these when they went on sale at Fluevog around spring 2011. I know, TWO years ago! I got them stretched at the Melrose store and wore them that day, but not since. I don't count that day since I didn't actually wear them anywhere but to go home.

Fluevog F-Shoe: Cece. I bought these on a whim for International Fluevog Day in 2011. I was following the No Pants blog at the time, and Amber wore her Ceces and other kickass Fluevog boots with such flair, pairing them with amazing skirts and dresses, that I thought I wanted to do the same thing. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a boots person when it gets as hot as it does in the summer here. I didn't wear them later in the fall or winter, either, since I kind of forgot about my inspiration for buying them in the first place. But if I make a visit to the Bay Area later this summer as I hope to, I'll bring these boots with me. Bay Area summers are so much milder than Southern California summers. [ETA: I never made it to the Bay Area this summer, and I've decided to put these up on the FlueMarket. Sigh.]

Fluevog Wonder: Everest. (Ivory/black colorway in size 6.5 and size 11 still available.) I bought these when they went on sale at Amazon a couple of years ago. I wore them for a nonprofessional "fashion shoot" I did with my dear friend M, but never actually wore them out since then. These would make great dancing shoes, don't you think? I'll try to wear them to the next contra dance I go to.

Fluevog Frontier: Danielson. This was another pair of whim shoes, bought when I visited the Fluevog store at the Haight last spring 2012. For some reason I haven't put together an outfit for these beauties. After recently watching the biopic on famous autistic scientist and professor, Temple Grandin, I'm inspired to wear cowboy-themed stuff. These are saddle shoes, right? I'd like to wear these 1950s style, with capris or pencil (cigarette) pants.

Fluevog Attention: Paris. I bought these relatively recently, just earlier this year, to fill a gap in my shoe collection. I don't have any classic pumps (most of my heels are maryjanes), and I thought these black suede would be perfect. I think they'd be superb with a couple of the fancier dresses in my clothes-to-wear list. Now I just have to wait for someone to invite me to a wedding or a show!

xo, Gladys

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