Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Shoes: Fluevog Adrianas

Adriana | Beezie loafers (on sale at Fluevog). I reviewed these at the Fluevog store on Melrose last fall and concluded that the size 6 (the smallest size made) was too big for me. However, when both the brown and green colorways went on super-steep sale at Amazon late last month, I couldn't help myself and purchased them both so I could try them on again and see if things would be different this time around. I've found that Amazon's stock of Fluevogs sometimes have small but significant differences from what's available at the stores. When I tried on the brown colorway from Amazon, I was disappointed to find that they were just as loose as the brown pair I tried on at the Melrose store. But the green colorway, amazingly, fit me quite well. Yes! *fist pump* (It's definitely possible that the green colorway just fits smaller than the brown and I didn't know that because I wasn't able to try on the size 6 in green at the Melrose store for some reason.)

They're not snug, but given that I plan to wear them with socks and tights in the fall and winter, they're perfect! That's the reason they're not included in my "What to Wear this Summer" list: they're meant for fall wear, although I may yet have a reason to wear them before then. Who knows?

In short, I'm so very glad I took the chance on these. I returned the brown colorway promptly, and lovingly added the green Beezies to my closet. Along with the Elizabeths and the series of green dresses that I bought and that were gifted to me in the last year, these shoes have finally satisfied my obsession with green. In real life, they're a little more olive than my photos suggest; their color is somewhere between the top photo and the two bottom photos. Overall, they're gorgeous shoes, and it's awesome to finally have a pair in the new and fantastic Adriana family of Fluevogs.

xo, Gladys


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