Friday, June 21, 2013

Seattle Vacation, Part 1

Wearing my new Beezies on the plane

Happy Solstice! Summer is officially here in my part of the world!

The first thing we did after my son's preschool graduation was pack up and leave for our family summer vacation to the Seattle area. Along with the rest of my immediate family (mom, sister, and brother with his family), we visited our eldest sister there and finally met her second child, baby C. I really dislike the traveling part of vacations -- parking, shuttles, security checkpoints, airplanes, dragging all that luggage everywhere, especially traveling with a child -- but it was fun and genuinely exciting to be all together under the same roof again, plus the spouses and all five adorable grandchildren. My eldest sister's house is beautiful, and I was in baby heaven, what with the twins and C. The two older boys, my son and his cousin E, are BFFs despite only seeing each other twice or at most three times a year. They played so well together for hours upon hours, so the adults had lots of attention to lavish on the babies or had downtime to rest. I just had to make sure my son took breaks to eat and go to the bathroom. We had a pretty good system worked out for the few days we were all together.

This baby's cheeks are out of control.

Cuddling with one of my twin nephews

Three generations

My mom with her three youngest grandchildren

Watching the chefs at work at Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria (seriously yummy pizza!)

Happy boy with his cousins

Adorable nephew

My brother with his newest neph

My sister-in-law with one of her twin babies

My mom with her newest grandson -- told ya about those cheeks

Lovely sisters-in-law

Salted caramel chocolate chip gelato with a shot of espresso = OMG

Peach gelato -- prettier than it was tasty

Iron Man in training: my nephew playing at Target

My favorite pastime: tickling my baby nephews

My younger sister finally arrived from SF to meet her newest nephew.

Happy twins!

The older cousins = best buds forever

xo, Gladys


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