Sunday, June 23, 2013

Seattle Vacation, Part 3

You're probably getting tired of all my vacation photos, but there's so much I want to share from our week-long trip! If you ever visit the Seattle area as a tourist, I can definitely recommend visiting 1) Remlinger Farms where you can pick strawberries in the spring/summer, go on carnival rides, and shop the farm's market (definitely for kids); 2) the fantastic and huge Pacific Science Center (with or without kids); and 3) the stunning Chihuly Garden and Glass (without young kids is a good idea because of all that glass). The duck tour was also fun; it's probably better to go at the beginning of your trip to see what you'd like to explore further. Everything but the first was at or near the Seattle Center, which includes the famous Space Needle and the International Fountain. Our hotel was within walking distance to the Seattle Center, so it was very convenient.

Remlinger Farms

Butterflies and life-size checker board at the Pacific Science Center

Mesmerizing blown-glass sculptures at Chihuly

Group photo

Seattle Center

We also splurged on a fancy lunch at Toulouse Petit, which serves New Orleans-style food. My husband started us off by ordering beignets which came with a coffee-flavored sauce. Yummy! We ordered the seafood gumbo (WARNING: super spicy!!), clam and sausage pasta, beef burgers, and chicken nuggets. The fries that came with the burgers and nuggets were very herby, spicy (cajun seasoning?), crispy, and delicious. My older sister and I shared the gumbo and the pasta dish, but the gumbo was so hot (temperature-wise) and spicy that we could only eat a little bit at the restaurant; she took the rest home. The pasta dish was a different story, very lemony and bright, and it was quickly eaten. I also loved the flavor of the chicken nuggets. It wasn't the usual processed frozen stuff, so of course my son didn't like it. :-( But I thought it was very tasty and tender, partly because they used dark meat instead of white. I wish we had gone to the restaurant earlier during our trip so that we could have enjoyed the leftovers. But it was our last chance to spend time with my sister and her sons, and it was wonderful because of that. I miss those boys so much! I wish they lived closer to us.

xo, Gladys


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