Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fluevog Love: Seattle

Hope: Promise oxfords in navy/ivory

I simply couldn't visit Seattle and not make a trek to the Fluevog store there as well. I wore my new blue Promise oxfords with some navy and stripes that matched really well. It was a cool day so I put on the only blue sweater I had, and it turned out to match the bright blue of the soles of my shoes. Paging Mrs. Matchy-Much.... Hiya, that's me. :-)

Top: Urban Outfitters | Cardigan and jeans: GAP | Shoes: Fluevog Promise (Hope family) via Amazon | Handbag: Coach (hand-me-down) | Socks (see last photo below): Sockdreams

Posing in front of the store on Pine Street

Fluevog | Amazon on great sale

Begin: Cha Cha in black. Brief as my visit was, I managed to try on a couple pairs and talk to dealer Brenda, who was wearing a gorgeous boxy top with her skinny black pants and black Cha Chas. Her outfit was so cute that I had to try on the same shoes as well. Tassels! I didn't realize I was a tassels girl, but after buying the Nzame and the Beezies, I can't deny it any longer. :-) Too bad the Cha Chas run between true-to-size and slightly large, so the size 6 (smallest size) is too big for me even with socks.


Prepare Hi: Rappel in pink was the other pair I tried on. I was asked about these shoes by a friend, and while I'd slipped them on my feet once while visiting the Melrose store, I never managed to take a photo of me wearing them. These shoes are so, so pretty. I think they look great with socks, too. I've heard the zipper might be an issue, but since they were too big for me even with the socks (size 6 is the smallest size), I didn't notice if the zipper was particularly uncomfortable. They run true to size, maybe a little bigger.

xo, Gladys


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