Sunday, June 2, 2013

What to Wear this Summer: Clothes Edition

Happy June, everyone! Summer is almost here, can you believe it?! It's going to be another busy summer. We're going on vacation once my baby "graduates" from preschool, then it's time once again for regular swimming lessons and casual swim parties. Add in the usual summer birthday parties and barbecues, and the season will rush by like it did last year.

This summer, I also want to make sure that I put more of my clothing in rotation. I am ashamed to admit that I have more than a few pieces in my closet that I have not yet worn, most of them bought last year or even two years ago. How did that happen? Well, for one thing I've been wearing a boring uniform of jeans and knit tops during this past fall and spring, since all I did was drop off and pick up my son from school. It's also because I bought stuff on sale, which usually meant that they came to me at the tail-end of the season they were meant to be worn in. Or I bought clothes that needed to be altered in some way -- new buttons for that one, this other one needs shorter sleeves -- and by the time I got around to the alteration, the season for their wear was past. Yet another reason was that I bought more special-occasion dresses than I needed, especially last year. (Jeez, I got tired just writing all that out!) Thankfully, I've been A LOT better at controlling my shopping habits this year so far, and when I have bought clothes I wore them almost right away.

That still leaves the stuff I haven't worn yet, some of them so gorgeous that it's truly a shame they've never seen the light of day. Well, here, I'm going to promise to wear these particular pieces by the end of summer. A few nights of dancing with friends, a trip to a beach town, and maybe a visit to a nice teahouse should fit the bill for some of the dresses, although a couple are begging for extra-special events to wear them to. (I also hope I can still fit into these clothes again. Swimming and regular exercise, here I come!)

Finally, I plan to donate or sell the pieces (worn and never worn) that no longer fit either my body or my style. It's time to clear out my closet. It's getting scary in there.

Via Modcloth

1 Emily and Fin (exact) | 2 Sugarhill Boutique (brand)
3 Aryeh (floral pattern) | 4 unknown
5 Moon Collection

Via Amazon, Anthropologie, Patagonia, and miscellaneous

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