Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Fashion Shoot

My dear friend M wanted to raid my closet and do a fashion shoot to celebrate the start of fall. I thought she meant for both of us, but nope, she wanted to style just me. (At least for now.) With the help of my hubby's photography skillz, we managed to shoot four outfits last week. I would characterize them as quirky and fun. And mind you, she had to work with what I had, so her visions weren't fully realized. While I wouldn't have put the following items together myself, I learned a lot from her style. She's a whiz at color combinations, and she's thoughtful about texture as well. We probably could have gotten more outfits together if I wasn't such a poor model. She wanted me to have more smoky and moody looks, but I'm just too goofy! In some of the photos, you can tell that I'm about to burst out laughing or grinning; and in several I do just that. :-) Here are a few examples (mind you, these were culled from almost 400 -- yes, FOUR HUNDRED -- photos, and they're the most presentable. Yikes):

Dress: Old Navy; Scarf: Kohl's ($2 on clearance!); Tights: Sockdreams; Boots: Fluevog Mirella (Operetta family); Friendship bracelets: c/o my friend M

Tank and skirt: Old Navy; Cardi: GAP; Tights: Sockdreams; Boots: Fluevog PRI (Radio family); Birdcage necklace: ModCloth

Sweater dress: Nordstrom's; Tank: Old Navy; Tights: unknown; Starry Night socks: Sockdreams; Boots: Fluevog Raphael (Earth Angel family); Potion bottle necklace: ModCloth

Dress: ModCloth; Tights: unknown; Shoes: Fluevog Everest (Wonder family); Camera necklace: ModCloth; Bracelets: Amazon, ASOS

Like I said, I learned a lot after looking at the photos. So here are my notes.

The Good:
  • The color combination in outfit #1 was truly awesome. I might try it with more purplish tights next time.
  • I really loved outfit #2. I didn't realize I liked the schoolgirl look, but hey, I did buy that skirt for myself (it was $6 on clearance, so I couldn't resist). I think I'll try wearing the outfit with a different-color tank.
  • I also really loved the dress in outfit #4. I love the vintage style and the very feminine feel of it. Different shoes are probably in order. If I can find white vintage pumps, that would be perfect!
  • The shoes in outfit #4 are just amazing. I need to build an outfit around it for sure!
  • Also, did you notice how Van Gogh's "Starry Night" appears in outfits #2 and #3? ;-) I heart those socks so much. Next time I'm going to wear them with shorts and tights and see if that works out for me.
The Not-so-good:
  • Given my short legs, I look better with skirts several inches above my knees. Especially if I'm wearing knee-high socks/boots.
  • Dark gray is not my color. :-(
  • I need to shorten the hem on the dress in outfit #1. Hopefully it will look better on me.
  • I need to GIVE AWAY the dress in outfit #3. It just doesn't make me look good AT ALL. (Could you tell from the look on my face that I didn't like it?)
  • In outfit #4, my shoes would have looked better with nude-colored tights or perhaps no tights at all. They appeared to cut off my already short legs.
All in all, it was a really fun experience. M is a dynamo! So much energy and excitement that afternoon. I'm looking forward to our next shoot. After all, I have TONS of clothes in my closet waiting for a test drive. ;-)

xo, Gladys


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