Friday, October 7, 2011

Home Decor Palette

I've mentioned here before that we have been house-hunting. Well, the hunt is over! We are now in escrow for a really fantastic home tucked into a hill (there are lots of hills around these parts, fortunately). It's very private and has a swimming pool where you can actually do laps. Many of the pools we saw during our search were fancy and seemed to be merely for splashing around and getting wet. The pool at our new house actually has a diving board; it was the only pool we saw that was big and deep enough for one. This way we can swim as part of our workout regime -- at least, once the weather warms up again.

There I am pointing at the hill, off-frame. I know you can barely see what I'm wearing here, but you can click on the photo for a larger version. Top: J.Crew; Jeans: GAP (from 2005, I think); Sandals: indigo by Clarks via Amazon

We offered for the house over two weeks ago but only recently got approval as it was an approved short sale that was abandoned by the first buyers. We snapped it right up when it went back on the market, but, due to the slow grinding gears of large banks, it took two weeks to reassign a "short sale specialist" to the process and to replace the buyers' names on the forms. O.o

In any case, we got approved! Our luck! And I'm hoping for some great karma as well since we helped the sellers avoid foreclosure. :-)

Of course, the house isn't ours until escrow closes (early November, eep!), but I couldn't contain my excitement. To celebrate, I went shopping. For the house, not so much for me. :-) I don't usually shop at this place, but Crate & Barrel Outlet was (and still is) having a sweet sale, and I fell immediately in love with their pillows. It took literally seconds for me to imagine the decor palette for the new house! Particularly given the new fall season, I thought these pieces would be perfect. Thanks, Crate & Barrel!

xo, Gladys


  1. oh my gosh, what a gorgeous house!! I hope you guys get it. Fingers crossed :)

  2. thank you thank you! we need lots of good vibes! we're soooo excited about this house.


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