Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mini Project: Gingham Jumper Alteration

Before and After

OK, so I haven't been very good about avoiding wishlists (particularly on ModCloth and Amazon, whose Universal Wishlist button I now use for Speedy Girl too, yikes!), but at least I haven't been buying anything. One thing that has kept me somewhat busy and away from the computer has been working on the clothes in my to-be-altered pile. Even with my unspectacular thrifting skills, I've still managed to rack up quite a few items that need some sort of help before they're ready to be integrated into my wardrobe.

BEFORE: Don't I look happy?

I bought this cute dark-navy gingham jumper for $1 at the local consignment store during their semi-annual clearance sale. Even though the tag said Small, it was a little too large. I'm happy with an oversized fit for an item like this, but it just looked frumpy. The straps were too long and consequently made the waist-tie too low, thus causing a weird bunching-up above the waist-tie at the back. I bought it anyway, thinking it would be an easy fix. And it was!

BEFORE: Bunching at the back that bugged me (nice alliteration, eh?)

So I chopped about 2 inches from each of the straps and sewed them back together with a half-inch seam allowance -- for a total of 3 inches taken off each strap (if you've done a project like this before or you know how to sew, then I know you get the math). Given that the straps aren't perfectly rectangular, there is some mismatch in size between the newly-connected edges. But no one looks that closely in daily life, right? (And something I've learned since I began sewing recently is that no item of clothing is made perfectly, particularly mass-produced clothes. Given my perfectionist tendencies, this knowledge really takes a load off.)

TODAY'S SEWING LESSON: Just a little can go a long way...

The added bonus to shortening the straps was the overall shortening of the length.

AFTER: Much less frumpy now (just ignore the hair/lack of makeup)

Not a lot of bunching at the back -- this is a pretty cute silhouette from the side, if I do say so myself

Plus POCKETS! Big ones! Totally worth the $1

Now what I'd really love to pair with this is a flowy, slightly-sheer, long-sleeved white/ivory/cream blouse with a beautiful collar. You know, something that looks vintage from the Victorian era, so it can CLASH with the 1960s cut and the gingham's country sensibility. Too bad I don't know how to make clothing like that (yet). Sigh. If you find one of those, point me in its direction, would you?

xo, Gladys

P.S. No 30 for 30 outfit today. I need a little break. I'm just feeling gross overall. Gotta quit eating so many carbs.


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