Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Yesterday the weather suddenly cooled. It took us by surprise, really. Given the usual brightness of the sun, I pulled on a dress and outfitted my son in shorts and a t-shirt, then we went into the garage and climbed into the car to do some errands. I felt so bad when we got out of the car at the consignment store! The wind was cold and chilled my legs; my son kept saying he was cold, poor thing. I took him in my arms and practically ran into the store where it was warm. The weather surprised my mommy friends and their children, too. One sent her daughter to school in shorts and a t-shirt for the day!

Summer is officially over in this part of the world.

And today it rained. I was prepared this time, however. I wore one of my new ModCloth sale dresses but added some warm leggings and an old cardi. Then finished it off with some ankle boots. It was a relatively tonal palette. I even matched the rainy sky. Sort of.

Dress: ModCloth; Cardi: Hand-me-down from the 1990s; Leggings: Sockdreams; Booties: Blowfish via Amazon

I really like this dress! What a bargain it was, too. I love patterns and I'm a sucker for smocked waists. And I like how the neckline has interesting detail. Again, a shorter hemline probably would have looked better on me. And AGAIN, dark gray doesn't seem to be my color. Black leggings/tights probably would have lengthened my legs given the color of the booties. Gotta work on this stuff so it's automatic. I just threw these clothes on in the morning when I didn't have a lot of time to really think about my outfit. I guess mindful experimentation is what this blog is for. :-)

These photos were taken at the end of the day when my husband got home, so I apologize for my disheveled appearance -- not that I really put myself together in the morning in the first place (I need to put on eye makeup to look "put together") -- but at least there are a couple of detail photos as promised.

Also, new glasses are in order, I think. This pair is over two years old now, and I am hankering after some thick-framed cat-eye or boxy shapes. Yes, I want some vintage-looking glasses. This lovely lady and her quest for glasses have inspired me. We'll see.

xo, Gladys


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